Secret To Growing Strong Hair

Secret To Growing Strong Hair

Here is some quick advice to grow long locks in no time!

Okay, it may take some time because you can't get Rapunzel hair over night. But be patient and bare with us, we promise you'll have a long healthy lion mane with these simple tips.

Tip #1 Go natural! The best thing you could possibly do for your hair is to let it be. Embrace your natural frizz, beachy waves, or pin straight hair. Refrain from straightening, blow drying, or curling hair as much as possible! Heat damages the hair by removing all moisture leaving it looking dull and dry. Not only that but heat can cause breakage because the hair follicles become brittle and break off easily.

Tip #2 Conditioner is your friend! Conditioner helps replace proteins and lipids as well as seal the hair cuticles to prevent any further damage.

Tip #3 You don't need to shampoo every time you shower. Shampoo's main job is to remove dirt and build up. That's what we want! It should leave us with clean hair. However, by shampooing too much it can remove essential oils that leave our hair feeling silky smooth. Skip shampoo for a day or two and your hair will replenish the natural oils needed to keep your locks healthy.

Tip #4 The magic that is coconut oil. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the scalp and remove any build up. Apply coconut oil to dry or damp hair once every other week for up to an hour. Rinse and repeat as coconut oil can be tricky to completely wash out. Your hair will feel light, smooth, and refreshed afterwards.