Our Story

Inspired by Earth's hidden natural secrets. We've searched the globe to bring you the highest quality of natural elements to nourish your body, not just skin deep but deep into your kore. We believe in health and we believe in living life. Health starts with you which is why we have created a scrub that will leave your body feeling enlightened and your skin illuminating from head to toe. Our balance of fine ingredients emphasize healing, health, and happiness. Our soul purpose is to nourish your body from skin to Kore.  Live.Love.Scrub

 100% handmade in California, USA 


Kore Body Co. has recently teamed up with Love Water. Love Water is an organization that provides access to clean water in underprivileged communities. With teams in underdeveloped countries working hard to build wells and filtration systems for those in need. Love Water also provides jobs, training centers, and transforms communities to be more sustainable. To learn more visit